Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th and Wednesday, 18th, November 2020, Cyprus and on-line.

In fulfilling the requirement of Article 6 of the ASI bylaws and recognizing many Covid-19 constraints will not allow all ASI member presidents to travel to Cyprus, we are innovating and for the first time, will run the GA in two formats (in situ in Limassol and virtually through an on-line link).

Considering the different time zones, we think that it would be appropriate to split the meeting into 3 half-days, November 16th, 17th and 18th, from 12:00 to 17:00 (Central European Time).

The first day will be devoted to the usual activities of the GAs, the second to the elections and the third one to the start of the new administration.

Please carefully read all instructions below. As we go hybrid (in situ and online), there are some special arrangements in place.

  • All members attending the GA whether it is in situ or online MUST fill out the form below.
  • We allow up to 2 additional delegates (members of the Board of national association, a national committee head or equivalent) per national association to attend the GA this time.
    Spouses/partners or those who plan to compete in an international competition are not allowed to attend the GA.
  • There is no possibility to give a proxy to another national association for voting this time, as the possibility of online voting has been established.  If you are a president and not able to vote in person or on-line, please designate a person on your national board who will be able to vote on your behalf. In that case, you will need a proxy so that the person you designate will be able to vote.
  • For presidents (or designates) who are planning to attend the GA in situ, accommodation is arranged from November 15th to 19th (4 nights). Any additional attendees are subject to a fee.  (Please check the price at the corresponding section below.)
  • Taking into consideration of the uncertain situation with COVID-19, should you cancel the trip due to the change in travel restrictions, you may switch your presence to online by informing ASI Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General through [email protected] no later than 18:00 CET of November 15th.
  • The GA 2020 will be transmitted online.
    You will have the possibility to participate in the meeting, to electronically raise your hand to speak and to vote online. Detailed technical instructions will be sent well in advance and a trial session will be offered approximately a week before the GA. Besides the President / official delegate, up to two (2) additional members of the national Board will be allowed to join – without speaking and voting rights.

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