Each quiz will feature up to 10 multiple choice questions whose answers can be found on the partner’s website. Participation is open to sommeliers who are members of any ASI national association. With 5 days to complete the quiz from when it is posted.

Once the quiz closes each week on Friday, the ASI social media team will score the responses. A drawing will then be held from three different pools of top scorers, with one winner each from the Americas, Europe/Africa and Asia/Oceania. The winners, along with their names, photos, information about their employer and the national sommelier association from their country of residence, will then be featured on the ASI’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Are we forgetting something? Ah yes, the prizes! They will be provided by that week’s featured partner to each of the three winners. And we promise: they’re going to be good. Perhaps a magnum of wine one week, or new stemware another. Check in each week for details.

Last weeks winners are …

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