Legal information

ASI, a non-profit organization, was founded in Reims (France) on June 3rd/4th, 1969.

The ASI legal Headquarters are located in Paris (France) and is administered by the member country holding the presidency for a three-year period. The Council comprises of the President, a Secretary General , helped by an deputy Secretary General, a Treasurer and an deputy Treasurer, as well as the Presidents of each national member association or their elected representatives.

Association de la Sommellerie Internationale
97 boulevard Haussmann
75008 Paris
[email protected]

ASI Executives

ASI President

William Wouters (Belgium)

ASI Board

Peer F. Holm (Germany) Secretary General
Julie Dupouy-Young (Ireland) Deputy Secretary General
Philippe Faure-Brac (France) Treasurer
Samuil Angelov (Finland) Deputy Treasurer

ASI Continental Vice-Presidents

Saiko Tamura-Soga (Japan) Vice-president for Asia & Oceania
Michèle Aström Chantôme (Morocco) Vice-president for Africa & Middle East
Piotr Kamecki (Poland) Vice-president for Europe
Marcos Flores Tlalpan (Mexico) Vice-president for the Americas

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