Announced on March 7th, each year, at the anniversary of Gerard’s birth.

At our General Assembly Meeting in November, you voted the creation of the ASI Gérard Basset Lifetime Achievement Award to highlight and reward a personality who has played or/and continues to play an important role in the development of the sommelier profession, taking into account all that he/she has achieved during his/her career. And in an approach similar to that of our friend Gérard Basset.

Now, it is up to you to enter the game! Help us find hidden heroes!

You, in agreement with the Board of your national association, will propose a personality corresponding to the required criteria. You are therefore entitled to a nomination and it is from the list of nominees of our 62 members that the winner of this prestigious Award will be chosen. We will also highlight the names that have received the most nominations from around the world through social networking and other means.

Please fill in the nomination form before February 15th!

Criteria for awarding the Prize:

The winner must have proven that he/she is a great ambassador of the sommelier profession, and this can be in terms of being, or having been a working sommelier, journalist, educator, wine influencer, etc. And for this, to have played an important role in making the sommelier profession shine and develop, taking into account all that he/she has achieved during his/her career and to have shown, like Gérard, curiosity, tenacity, pugnacity, determination, kindness, diplomacy, humility, modesty, professionalism, coaching young talents, transmission, charisma, talent, a sense of human being and a deep enthusiasm for life.

  • There will be a maximum of 1 nominee per ASI member country and the nomination is to be presented by the president of the national association, the heads of committees and winners of the ASI international contests to the ASI judges presidents. It must include a high-resolution photo, CV, and a one-page letter describing how this person has positively impacted the sommelier profession while maintaining the values of Gérard.
  • The nominee may not be the current ASI president, but may be another member of the ASI executive board.
  • The nominee may not be the current national president of an ASI member association, but may be a member of a national board.
  • The nominee must be a member in good standing of his/her national association.
  • The nominees will be judged on their influence on the international landscape as determined by our panel of experts.
  • They will also be judged on intangible elements such as humility, modesty and kindness. As such, we ask member presidents, heads of committees and winners of the ASI international contests to be considerate of who Gérard Basset was as person when selecting a candidate.
  • Preference will be given to those with a longstanding contribution to the profession.

Nomination form

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