27 Mar 2022

City / Region: Waterford
Job title: Breakfast Chef
Language skills: English – good
Sector: Hotel

PURPOSE OF JOB: To assist Chefs in preparing, producing and serving food for satisfactory service.

RESPONSIBLE TO: Head Chef, Sous Chefs.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Duties assigned to you.


1. To arrive for work dressed in full uniform on time for job and freshly groomed following regulations.

2. No jewellery to be worn except for a wedding band.

3. To prepare and produce food for the breakfast section to which you are assigned and to the standards agreed, working with other Chefs.

4. To minimise wastage.

5. To adhere to Hygiene Regulations regarding uniform, personal hygiene and operational hygiene.

6. To ensure all necessary mise-en-place is ready before service.

7. To carry out cleaning duties as outlined in the cleaning schedule and complete daily/weekly checklists for cleaning tasks.

8. Wear protective clothing, i.e. safety shoes.

9. To report to Senior Chef on duty any faults in equipment, fixtures, fittings, or items not considered safe. Ensure that no article of equipment is misused.

10. To attend meetings/training courses as required and acted on them as needed.

11. Ensure that your areas of responsibility are maintained in a safe, hygienic, healthy and hazard-free manner environment.

12. Use any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided for your safety. The requirements for the use of PPE are indicated in operating manuals and work procedures.

13. Take reasonable care of your safety and that of others affected by your action or omissions while at work.

14. Report any defects in place, plant or procedure that might endanger safety., reporting shall be to your department head or in place manager on duty.

15. Ensure not to misuse any appliance, equipment, PPE or other means provided for securing safety.

16. To prepare and serve staff food that is varied and nutritional to the agreed standard.

17. To comply with Company Regulations regarding:

1. Fire

2. Health and Safety

3. Hygiene

4. Food Hygiene

5. Customer Care

6. Security

18. To be aware of understanding and comply with your responsibilities as defined in the Health & Safety Statement and Staff Handbook.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Permanent

Salary: €11.00-€13.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:
All employees may wear masks during their shifts.
Cleaning and disinfecting each area systematically with effective detergents and disinfectants.

Accomodation: No

Margaret Darrer