Job offers platform to support Ukrainian refugees

ASI is launching this dedicated job offers platform for employers willing to offer employment for Ukrainian refugees.

If you are a restaurant/bar/winemaker/vineyard owner/retail/training company, etc. willing to hire a refugee from Ukraine, please fill in the form with your details below.

Our team will review the job offer (we might contact you to verify some details) and post it online for job seekers. They can then apply directly for the open job and connect with you. Please provide clear and realistic criteria considering the job you are offering (location, language skills, accommodation, etc.) given the situation of the refugees.

All job offers will be posted for 4 weeks automatically free of charge. If you are still looking for job seekers afterwards, please fill in the details of your position one more time after 4 weeks.

NB: We rely on your goodwill and understanding that this emergency platform is created solely to help the refugees from Ukraine to find jobs that can support them in this difficult moment.


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