ASI Big Quiz Shines Spotlight on Partners… and Prizes

16 Sep 2020

Who doesn’t love a pub quiz… especially when there are prizes involved!

ASI is launching a new set of weekly quizzes featuring trivia about one of the ASI Partners. To ensure that a broad swath of sommeliers worldwide can participate, the quizzes will be available in English, French and Spanish. Each quiz will feature up to 10 multiple choice questions whose answers can be found on the partner’s website. Participation is open to sommeliers working on restaurant floors, with 5 days to complete the quiz from when it is posted.

Once the quiz closes each week on Friday, the ASI social media team will grade the responses. A drawing will then be held from three different pools of top scorers, with one winner each from the Americas, Europe/Africa and Asia/Oceania. The winners, along with their names, photos, information about their employer and the national sommelier association from their country of residence, will then be featured on the ASI’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Are we forgetting something? Ah yes, the prizes! They will be provided by that week’s featured Partner to each of the three winners. And we promise: they’re going to be good. Perhaps a magnum of wine one week, or new stemware another. Check in each week for details.

So why start a quiz now? Because one of ASI’s most important tasks is keeping sommeliers up to date on the best and brightest from the wine world around them. ASI chooses its partners with care, working solely with producers, accessory makers, organizations and service providers who add real value to the sommelier community.

Usually, working sommeliers can interact with these companies at ASI’s many contests, exams and events. Yet, with large gatherings still banned in many parts of the world, these in-person opportunities are rare. We see the quizzes as a fun way to reestablish this communication between front-line workers in the wine industry and the companies whose products and services they are pouring, recommending and adoring.

Claire Berticat, ASI’s director of partnerships sums it up well: “The Big Quiz is an amazing opportunity to help our partners shine for 10 straight weeks. All our followers can be part of the game (as long as they are sommeliers working on the floor), learn more about our partners and maybe even win amazing prizes.”

The first quiz kicks off on 21 September. It will be posted on ASI’s account on Facebook and Instagram, with a link on the ASI website as well.

Good luck!