ASI Magazine or ‘ASI MAG’, as we refer to it, is a bi-monthly publication created by the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale for the global sommelier community. Each edition, ASI MAG is produced in three languages (English, French and Spanish) and is dedicated to sommellerie, wine, other beverages, and the diversity of the people that shape the industry around the world. ASI Mag’s purpose is to reveal who ASI is as an association by showcasing the faces of our people, our projects and ideas. It is also reveals the scope of a sommelier’s job by introducing their thoughts on their daily work lives, pairing tips and much more.
ASI Magazine issue #13:

The Past and Future of Sommellerie

ASI Magazine issue #12:

ASI Year in review

ASI Magazine issue #11:

Fine Wine

ASI Magazine issue #10:

No Wine Issue

ASI Magazine issue #9:

The Technology Issue

ASI Magazine issue #8:

The Soil Issue

ASI Magazine Issue #7


ASI Magazine Issue #6

Year in Review

ASI Magazine Issue #5

ASI’s year of ASIA & OCEANIA

ASI Magazine Issue #4

The ASI Mosaic: a global community

ASI Magazine Issue #3
Sommellerie in Eastern and Central Europe

ASI Magazine Issue #2
Sommeliers Inspiring Change: Natural, Orange & Vegan Wines

ASI Magazine Issue #1
New Faces of Sommellerie in the Americas