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ASI Board

Executive Board //

William Wouters

Secretary General:
Beata Vlnkova

Deputy Secretary General:
Ivo Dvořák
(Czech Republic)

Philippe Faure-Brac

Deputy Treasurer:
Samuil Angelov

Vice-president for Asia & Pacific:
Saiko Tamura-Soga

Vice-president for Africa & Middle East:
Michèle Aström Chantôme

Vice-president for Europe:
Piotr Kamecki

Vice-president for the Americas:
Matias Prezioso

ASI Committees //

Bylaws Committee
  • Director: Higgo Jacobs (South Africa)
  • Georgios Kassianos (Cyprus)
  • Gerard Devos (Belgium)
  • Janni Berndt (Sweden)
Diversity, Ethics & Compliance Committee
  • Co-Directors:Ricardo Grellet (Chile) & Heleen Boom (Netherlands)
  • Alba E. H. Hough (Iceland)
  • Higgo Jacobs (South Africa)
  • Samuil Angelov (Finland)
  • Renata Moreti (Chile)
  • Ronald Binati (Malaysia)
  • Team members for special projects: Jorald Julie (Mauritius) & Mirko Pastorelli (Italy)

Should support be required for any Diversity matters, (for example, harassment, bullying, discrimination, etc), we are here to give support and guidance. Please be assured of complete confidentiality. All cases will be handled with discretion and anonymity.

Diversity contact: heleenboom@asi.info

Marketing committee
  • Co-ordinator: Nina Basset (UK)
  • Marketing & Communication: Xeniya Volosnikova (Kazakhstan)
  • Partnership management: Ana Sofia Oliveira (Portugal)
  • ASI Mag Editor: Mark DeWolf (Canada)
  • Contest communication manager: Liora Levi (Norway)
  • Press Officer: Barbara Wanner (Germany)
  • Translation support: Michèle Aström Chantôme (Morocco)
  • Translation support: Manuel Negrete (Mexico)
Liaison Officer for Sommeliers Contests and Exams & Education Committees
Event coordinator
  • Dawid Sojka (Poland)
Sommeliers Contests Committee
  • Co-Directors: Olivier Poussier (France) & Shinya Tasaki (Japan)
  • Coordination: Saiko Tamura-Soga (Japan)
  • Logistics: Dejan Zivkoski (Serbia)
  • Paolo Basso (Switzerland)
  • Markus Del Monego (Germany)
  • Paz Levinson (Argentina / France)
  • Heidi Makinen (Finland)
  • Veronique Rivest (Canada)
  • Raimonds Tomsons (Latvia)
  • Andreas Larsson (Sweden)
  • Serge Dubs (France)
Exams & Education Committee
  • Co-Directors: Giuseppe Vaccarini (Italy) & Sören Polonius (Sweden)
  • Coordinators for ASI Certification 1, ASI Certification 2 and ASI Diploma: Michèle Astrӧm Chantôme (Morocco) and Ene Ojaveski (Estonia)
  • Editorial Board: Leo D’Addazio (Venezuela), Andreas Matthidis (Greece), Kristjan Markii (Estonia), Edwin Raben (Netherlands)and Jean-Vincent Ridon (South Africa/Zimbabwe), Zulfiya Ibragimova (Kazakhstan) and Amrita Singh (India)
  • Supporting Team: Marc Almert (Germany), An Jung Min (South Korea), Danio Braga (Brazil) , David Hsiao (Taiwan), Spencer Fondaumière (South Africa), Shalva Khetsuriani (Georgia)

External support //

Administrative Assistant: Claire Monnier