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ASI Board

Executive Board //

William Wouters

Secretary General:
Beata Vlnkova

Deputy Secretary General:
Ivo Dvořák
(Czech Republic)

Philippe Faure-Brac

Deputy Treasurer:
Samuil Angelov

Vice-president for Asia & Pacific:
Saiko Tamura-Soga

Vice-president for Africa & Middle East:
Michèle Aström Chantôme

Vice-president for Europe:
Piotr Kamecki

Vice-president for the Americas:
Matias Prezioso

ASI Committees //

  • Director: Higgo Jacobs (South Africa)
  • Gérard Devos (Belgium)
  • Michel Hermet (France)
  • Georgios Kassianos (Cyprus)
Ethics & Compliance
  • Director: Ricardo Grellet (Chile)
  • Samuil Angelov (Finland)
  • Alba E. H. Hough (Iceland)
  • Higgo Jacobs (South Africa)
  • Renata Moreti (Chile)
  • Director: Heleen Boom (Netherlands)
  • Sarah Andrew (Australia)
  • Alba E. H. Hough (Iceland)
  • Jorald Julie (Mauritius)
  • Jan Konetzki (UK)
  • Mirko Pastorelli (Italy)

Should support from the Diversity Committee be required due to harassment, bullying, discrimination, etc. a line of contact can easily be established.


All reports will be handled with discretion and anonymity.

Liaison Officer for Sommelier Contests – Education – Exam Committees
Sommelier Contests
  • Co-Directors: Olivier Poussier (France) & Shinya Tasaki (Japan)
    • Coordination: Saiko Tamura-Soga (Japan)
    • Logistics: Dejan Zivkoski (Serbia)
  • Paolo Basso (Switzerland)
  • Markus Del Monego (Germany)
  • Serge Dubs (France)
  • Andreas Larsson (Sweden)
  • Paz Levinson (Argentina / France)
  • Heidi Makinen (Finland)
  • Veronique Rivest (Canada)
  • Arvid Rosengren (Sweden)
  • Director: Sören Polonius (Sweden)
  • Marc Almert (Germany)
  • Nelson Chow (Hong Kong)
  • Celia Hay (New Zealand)
  • Maria Laura Ortiz (Argentina)
  • Beáta Vlnková (Slovakia)
  • Director: Giuseppe Vaccarini (Italy)
    • Logistics: Alberto Merico (Italy) / Jean-Vincent Ridon (Zimbabwe)
    • Proofreading EN: Romané Basset (UK)
  • Michèle Chantôme (Morocco)
  • Leo D’Addazio (Venezuela)
  • Andreas Matthidis (Greece)
  • Edwin Raben (Netherlands)
  • Saiko Tamura-Soga (Japan)
  • Kristjan Markii (Estonia)
  • Ene Ojaveski (Estonia)

External support //

Administrative Assistant: Claire Monnier