We proudly present our international partners.


As the French leader in terroir wines, we create synergies in the entire wine sector
Under the AdVini banner, our Vineyards and Wineries deploy all the know-how of the wine making on the finest terroirs in France and abroad. Our vineyards cover a total of 2 300 hectares with 28 Domains, Chateaux and wineries. Our wineries share the same philosophy based on dedication to quality and on the wish to safeguard and promote their terroirs.

Our trading teams offer the rich diversity of 23 different nationalities. Close to markets and clients and working on the strength of cultural, marketing and commercial intelligence developed over time with our international offices, our teams adapt product offer to each country’s expectations and to the specificities of each distribution network.

Famille Perrin

From the legendary Château de Beaucastel to the partnership with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at Miraval, the Perrin family has experienced over a century of success. Elected Man of the Year in 2014 by one of the most influential wine magazines in Europe – Decanter Magazine – the Perrin Family is today the largest owner of vineyards in the best terroirs of the southern Rhone Valley. The Perrin family is both a family of pioneers and visionaries. Pioneers of organic farming since 1953 and biodynamics since 1970, the first to have planted Rhone varietals in the US and to have believed in the potential of Paso Robles back in 1989. The family also invests in promoting its region including the opening of the Restaurant and Hotel L’Oustalet (1* Michelin) in the village of Gigondas.



Graham’s Port has been an independent family run business for 200 years and is renowned for producing the finest Port wines. Graham’s is at the forefront of innovation in its sector, using cutting edge winemaking techniques, focusing on sustainability and award-winning designs, while staying true to it’s heritage.

Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association

Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association(JSS)was established in 1953.
It represents 1,377 Sake breweries and 271 Shochu distillers throughout Japan as its members.
In Japan, we are two traditional alcoholic beverages, sake and shochu, closely associated with Japan’s diverse natural features, cultures, lifestyles, and spiritualities.
JSS aims to assist people from all around the world in learning more about the joys of sake and shochu. In turn, we hope to enrich the drinking and dining experience further and contribute to the diversity of global gastronomic culture.
We are honored to be included in the ASI family, and we look forward to many exciting encounters and building a great relationship with you all.

Wine of Moldova

A success story from Eastern Europe
Moldovan wine today brings a fresh modern face. Its new generation wines are actually rooted in a rich and complex history, giving the authenticity that so many wine drinkers are looking for today. At the same time, it can offer unique and sometimes surprising wines, especially blends of international and indigenous grape varieties, a true expression of Moldovan terroir. “Wine of Moldova” today is the very real result of this country reinventing its approach to wine – focusing on quality, consistency and ‘enjoyment-in-a-glass’ as its priorities.


Vinexposium merges Vinexpo (the international brand of wine and spirits events) and the wine portfolio of Comexposium (the world’s 3rd largest events organiser). The new entity, announced in January 2020, came into effect in August 2020, thereby becoming the world’s leading wine and spirits events organiser, hosting over 78,000 visitors from 140 countries and 5,900 exhibitors annually.
With a portfolio of iconic, recognised events, Vinexposium addresses all the major wine and spirits market segments through a targeted, revisited and high-performance proposition.


Created in collaboration with master chefs and sommeliers, each collection combines elegance, creativity and superior material performance. Enhancing fine dishes and wines like no other, Chef&SommelierTM embodies the « French art of living » through the expertise of tasting and the resistance of innovative materials. Aimed at the finest restaurants and bars, Chef&SommelierTM helps professionals express their creativity and talent.

Wines of Portugal

2010 was a make-over moment for Portuguese wines. Not in terms of quality or style: all of that was already very much in place, the wines already distinctive, chic and stylish. Make-over, we mean, in terms of image and marketing. The 2010 launch of the Vinhos de Portugal (Wines of Portugal) marketing drive is the result of a collaborative exercise by the whole of the Portuguese wine industry and its representatives, a new, dynamic take on wine promotion.

SommelierS International

In 1990, at the impetus of Jean Frambourt, spokesman of a whole profession, SommelierS International was created. Dedicated to a wide audience of both professionals and well-informed connoisseurs, the magazine swiftly became a communication media between wine professionals. Respect for the cultural traditions, discovery of the neighbour countries and analysis of the methods … All subjects are closely examined by the most famous journalists, as long as magic happens, as passion is universal …

Linge W & Château Laguiole

Discover the timeless elegance of Laguiole knives, exceptional pieces of craftsmanship forged in French Tradition.

S.Pellegrino & Aqua Panna

Since 1899 – for more than a century – Sanpellegrino Group has been a well-established name throughout the world, synonymous with the highest quality. Distributed in over 120 countries in all five continents, all its products – from non-alcoholic aperitifs to soft drinks – represent quality excellence, especially its extraordinary mineral waters. By virtue of their origins, a strong relationship with Italy, its culture and its traditions, Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino perfectly interpret Italian style as a synthesis of conviviality, well-being and fine dining. Sommeliers, chefs and connoisseurs worldwide, from the Unites States to France, Germany to Canada, the UK to Australia, Japan to Emirates concur that these two premium waters are the quintessence of Italian lifestyle and good taste, thus gracing the world’s finest dining tables.