The ASI Diploma

ASI Diploma offers three qualifications in French, English or Spanish.

For the ASI Diploma, the questionnaire is structured in such a way as to evaluate the depth and mastery of knowledge acquired while remaining true to the classical and traditional topics, while the practical tests take into consideration the candidates’ ability to react, the application of service techniques, as well as the candidates’ attitude and style. In addition, an Essay question allows the candidate to express the personal view of the sommelier’s profession.

ASI Sommelier Diploma //

2025 Exam on March 10th all over the world

The ASI Sommelier Diploma is reserved for members of the sommelier community who achieve “a high standard of service together with a deep knowledge of world food and wine; of the management of the beverage sector and of the culture of the vine and wine”, transforming their work into art.

Candidates can opt between taking the exam in French, English or Spanish, regardless of whether it is a foreign language or their native tongue. This language requirement, which is only present at the Diploma level, encourages sommeliers to master a language beyond their own. 

All ASI associations, whether active members or applicants, can offer their members the ASI Diploma exam.

From 2024, in application of the new rules voted by the General Assembly (Helsinki 2023), the Bronze level has been extended to all candidates, and no longer limited to those taking the exam in their native language.

Minimum level required to graduate for the ASI Diploma:

Bronze: 60% (with 40% minimum for each group of tests)
Silver: 65% (with 45% minimum for each group of tests)
Gold: 75% (with 50% minimum for each group of tests)

A bonus system is now in place, applied to reward candidates who participate in a foreign language, whether French, English or Spanish.

Candidates who make the effort to use these foreign languages will receive a 10% bonus. Those who write in their native language will receive no bonus. Their final score will reflect the total marks obtained for the 3 groups of tests (questionnaire + essay – tastings – practical tests).

ASI offers past ASI Bronze Sommeliers (2019-2023) the opportunity to retake, free of charge, the exam to attempt to attain Silver or Gold Level until 2027.

The ASI Diploma has been awarded to 627 sommeliers to date from many nations: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela. 

 Example: ASI Diploma
Question: What are the permissible grape varieties to produce red Rioja DOCa?

The ASI Diploma is offered in French, English or Spanish, and leads to three levels of qualification: Bronze, Silver and Gold. //

The numbers (“No”) in front of the names are the numbers of the certificates.
The mentioned year indicates when the Sommelier has achieved the diploma.
1001Shinya Tasaki2012Gold Excellence
1002Armand Melkonian2012Gold Excellence
1003Piero Sattanino2012Gold Excellence
1004Giuseppe Vaccarini2012Gold Excellence
1005Jean-Luc Pouteau2012Gold Excellence
1006Jean-Claude Jambon2012Gold Excellence
1007Serge Dubs2012Gold Excellence
1008Philippe Faure Brac2012Gold Excellence
1009Markus Del Monego2012Gold Excellence
1010Olivier Poussier2012Gold Excellence
1011Enrico Bernardo2012Gold Excellence
1012Andreas Larsson2012Gold Excellence
1013Gérard Basset †2012Gold Excellence
1014Paolo Basso2013Gold Excellence
1015Jon Arvid Rosengren2016Gold Excellence
1016Marc Almert2019Gold Excellence
1201Mikael Söderström2012Gold Plus
1202Bernd Kreis2012Gold Plus
1203Eric Beaumard2012Gold Plus
1204Eric Duret2012Gold Plus
1205Franck Thomas2012Gold Plus
1206Robert Lie2012Gold Plus
1207Isa Bal2012Gold Plus
1208Paolo Basso2012Gold Plus
1209Jon Arvid Rosengren2013Gold Plus
1210Ghislain Caron2012Gold Plus
1211Elyse Lambert2012Gold Plus
1212Véronique Rivest2012Gold Plus
1213Satoru Mori2012Gold Plus
1214Franck Moreau2015Gold Plus
1215Paz Levinson 2015Gold Plus
1216Hiroshi Ishida2015Gold Plus
1217Raimonds Tomsons 2023Gold Excellence
1218Pier-Alexis Soulière2018Gold Plus
1219Wataru Iwata2018Gold Plus
1401Hector Vergara Flores2015Honoris Causa
2001Jean-Vincent Ridon2017Gold
2002Gabriel Kollar2017Gold
2003Markus Winkler2017Gold
2004Joery De Lille2017Gold
2005Gianluca Di Taranto2017Gold
2006Antoine Lehebel2017Gold
2007Myamoto Ryuta 2017Gold
2008Luis Antonio Morones Lopez 2017Gold
2009Piotr Pietras2017Gold
2010Marek Przyborek2017Gold
2011Julia Gosea Scavo2017Gold
2012Evgeniy Shamov2017Gold
2013Roman Sosnovskiy2017Gold
2014Ruslan Devetyarov2017Gold
2015Dmitri Frolov2017Gold
2016Mario Mestrovic2017Gold
2017An Jung Min2017Gold
2018Mattia Cianca 2018Gold
2019Cho Hyeon Cheol 2018Gold
2020Han Hyisu 2018Gold
2021Éric Goettelmann2018Gold
2022Eleftherios Hanialidis 2018Gold
2023Efstathios Tsokos 2018Gold
2024Norbert Kovács2018Gold
2025Máté Horváth2018Gold
2026Kentaro Ikeda2018Gold
2027Takehiro Oide2018Gold
2028Masayasu Makita 2018Gold
2029Makoto Abe2018Gold
2030Philip Niels Toase 2018Gold
2031Martijn Roos 2018Gold
2032Adriaan Visser 2018Gold
2033Eric Zwiebel2018Gold
2034Andrey Abramov 2018Gold
2035Pavel Bogdanov 2018Gold
2036Max Grebenik 2018Gold
2037Serguei Panov 2018Gold
2038Valeria Tenison 2018Gold
2039Lu Kai Wen 2018Gold
2040Yuki Hirose 2019Gold
2041Carlos Simoes 2019Gold
2042Cyril Thévenet2019Gold
2043Andreas Jechsmayr2019Gold
2044Emmanuel Rosier2019Gold
2045Minseok Kyung2019Gold
2046Ivan Jug2019Gold
2047Siniša Lasan2019Gold
2048Urvo Ugandi2019Gold
2049Daichi Nomura2019Gold
2050Andrea Martinisi2019Gold
2051Tamas Czinki2019Gold
2052Gareth Ferreira2019Gold
2053Marco Iaccarino2019Gold
2054Quentin Loisel2019Gold
2055Martin Bruno 2020Gold
2056Andrés Lafarge 2020Gold
2057Agustina Larriera 2020Gold
2058Maximilian Gurtler 2020Gold
2059Reeze Choi 2020Gold
2060Derek 2020Gold
2061Soo Min Cho 2020Gold
2062Jun Seon Choi 2020Gold
2063Woong Hwangbo 2020Gold
2064Jae Min Ju 2020Gold
2065Jong Ho Roh 2020Gold
2066László Angerman 2020Gold
2067Zsollt Bartalics 2020Gold
2068Mihály Lippai2020Gold
2069Daichi Hasegawa 2020Gold
2070Rie Matsuki 2020Gold
2071Keigo Nagura 2020Gold
2072Ryoga Nakamura 2020Gold
2073Ratmir Akhmetov 2020Gold
2074Zulfiya Ibragimova 2020Gold
2075Dayana Nassyrova 2020Gold
2076Tony Lecuroux 2020Gold
2077Grigorii Chegodaev 2020Gold
2078Vadim Martyniuk 2020Gold
2079Bogdan Pavliukh 2020Gold
2080Patrick Aichlseder 2021Gold
2081Tom Ieven2021Gold
2082Hee Sung Park2021Gold
2083Dong Yeon Ko 2021Gold
2084Fabrice Sommier2021Gold
2085Francesco Cosci 2021Gold
2086Xavier Thuizat 2021Gold
2087Sebastiaan Joosten 2021Gold
2088Bartosz Nowakowski 2021Gold
2089Jakub Filipek 2021Gold
2090Kristina Veselova2021Gold
2091Sean Chang-Hsun Yeh 2021Gold
2092Szu-Hao Tseng 2021Gold
2093Paolo Saccone2022Gold
2094Steve Senturk2022Gold
2095Kler-Yann Bouteiller2022Gold
2096Hugo Duchesne2022Gold
2097Jean-Simon Rioux-Ranger2022Gold
2098Joris Gutierrez Garcia2022Gold
2099Mate Negulić2022Gold
2100Monika Neral2022Gold
2101Kristijan Harjač2022Gold
2102Karoline Reinhold2022Gold
2103Mikk Parre2022Gold
2104Fabien Etienne2022Gold
2105Pierre Vila Palleja2022Gold
2106Gaëtan Bouvier2022Gold
2107Anna Sviridenko2022Gold
2108Roos Stevens2022Gold
2109Lukas Wiegman2022Gold
2110Mara de Miguel2022Gold
2111Manuel Fernández2022Gold
2112Daniel Stojcic2022Gold
2113Lorenzo Tonelli2022Gold
2114Matteo Furlan2022Gold
2115Stefan Kobald2022Gold
2116Romain Bourger2022Gold
2117Adam Michocki2022Gold
2118Tan Chuan Ann2022Gold
2119Daisuke Shibuya2022Gold
3001Kris Lismont2014Silver
3002Aristide Spies2014Silver
3003 Kazuto Chiba2014Silver
3004Mizuki Inaba2014Silver
3005Hideaki Ishikawa2014Silver
3006Makoto Iwabuchi2014Silver
3007 Hisao Morigami2014Silver
3008Yusuke Nakanishi2014Silver
3009Motohiro Okoshi2014Silver
3010 Hiroshi Sadakane2014Silver
3011 Yoichi Sato2014Silver
3012 Hiroyuki Seino2014Silver
3013Nobuhide Tani2014Silver
3014Takayuki Yoshihara2014Silver
3015Terence Wong Ka Lun2014Silver
3016Roy Pelgrim2014Silver
3017Jan Willem Van Der Hek2014Silver
3018Eduard Jakab2014Silver
3019Jordi Chan2014Silver
3020Tommy Lau2014Silver
3021Hiroshi Ishida2014Silver
3022Satoru Mori2014Silver
3023Tomasz Kolecki-Majewicz2014Silver
3024Pawel Demianiuk2014Silver
3025Mina Majstorovic2014Silver
3026Maria Laura Ortiz2014Silver
3027Diego Arrebola2014Silver
3028Federico de Moura2014Silver
3029Gennaro Buono2014Silver
3030Marco Grassi2014Silver
3031Vlada Stojanov2014Silver
3032Nosaka Akihito2014Silver
3033Hoshiyama Atsuhide2014Silver
3034Tashima Kazushige2014Silver
3035Yamagushi Toru2014Silver
3036Grigoriy Chegodaev2014Silver
3037Alan Au2014Silver
3038Jurgen Witschko2015Silver
3039Suvad Zlatic2015Silver
3040Jung Hoon Lee2015Silver
3041Sinisa Lasan2015Silver
3042Laurent Derhé2015Silver
3043Arnaud Fatôme2015Silver
3044Gerald Olivier2015Silver
3045Pantaleo Pappalettera2015Silver
3046Kostantinos Stavroulakis2015Silver
3047Masamichi Furuushi2015Silver
3048Taku Iguro2015Silver
3049Daisuke Okawa2015Silver
3050Kentaro Tabu2015Silver
3051Akira Tsukamoto2015Silver
3052Hisashi Yano2015Silver
3053Ruben Kivakman2015Silver
3054Lendl Mijnhijmer2015Silver
3055Job Seuren2015Silver
3056Lukasz Glowacki2015Silver
3057Maciej Sokolowski2015Silver
3058Andrzej Strzelczyk2015Silver
3059Ivan Nikolic2015Silver
3060Johannes Schellhorn2016Silver
3061Ivan Jug2016Silver
3062Filip Savic2016Silver
3063Kristjan Markii2016Silver
3064Kristi Poom2016Silver
3065Gabriel Angermeier2016Silver
3066David Biraud2016Silver
3067Dominique Laporte2016Silver
3068Davide Dargenio2016Silver
3069Takumi Fujiya2016Silver
3070Wataru Iwata2016Silver
3071Miyuki Morimoto2016Silver
3072Setsuko Mukai2016Silver
3073Yusaku Tanikawa2016Silver
3074Richelle Van Gemert2016Silver
3075Adam Tomczac2016Silver
3076Zygmunt Dominic Wesierski2016Silver
3077Jakub Pribyl2016Silver
3078Vladislav Markin2016Silver
3079Rassadkin Aleksander2016Silver
3080Ljubomir Boscovic2016Silver
3081Vuk Stefanovic2016Silver
3082Viul Vuletic2016Silver
3083Hsu-Kang Tao2016Silver
3084Hsin-Wei Ho2016Silver
3085Raffaele Mastrovincenzo2017Silver
3086Kenzo Lauwereins2017Silver
3087Laszlo Angerman2017Silver
3088Goki Isao2017Silver
3089Takita Masataka2017Silver
3090Hata Arika2017Silver
3091Sugimura Naoya2017Silver
3092Hirahara Seiji2017Silver
3093Chidiwa Yoshirou2017Silver
3094Adolfo Calderon2017Silver
3095Michelle Carlin2017Silver
3096Grecia Guerrero Torres2017Silver
3097Mauricio Jimenez2017Silver
3098Manuel Ignacio Negrete Ramirez2017Silver
3099Oscar Nicanor Peralta2017Silver
3100Geraldo Tellez Zamorano2017Silver
3101Niels Van Overmeire2017Silver
3102Norbert Dudzinski2017Silver
3103Kamil Wojtasiak2017Silver
3104Konstantin Korobov2017Silver
3105Vladimir Kosenko2017Silver
3106Nadezhda Kosenko2017Silver
3107Galina Omelyanovich2017Silver
3108Sergey Gasparyan2017Silver
3109Artem Lebedev2017Silver
3110Olga Lyaschuk2017Silver
3111Anna Maximova2017Silver
3112Milan Tanjga2017Silver
3113Ratislav Sutak2017Silver
3114Lo Hong-Ruei2017Silver
3115Chen Kuan Chang2017Silver
3116Lee Gong Hwa2017Silver
3117Joakim Hansi Blackadder2018Silver
3118Toru Takamatsu2018Silver
3119Sarah Falch2018Silver
3120Stefan Klettner2018Silver
3121Leagh Barkley2018Silver
3122Jang Bori2018Silver
3123Kim Jin Soo2018Silver
3124Goran Petrić2018Silver
3125Marko Škarica2018Silver
3126Christophe Martin2018Silver
3127Alexandre Morin2018Silver
3128Denis Verneau2018Silver
3129Alexandros Bouzikas2018Silver
3130Aristotelis Sklavavenitis2018Silver
3131Fotios Stathopoulos2018Silver
3132Alexandros Triantafyllou2018Silver
3133Imre Rácz2018Silver
3134Kenji Hayashi2018Silver
3135Yuya Kondo2018Silver
3136Aki Shidaka2018Silver
3137Ryousuke Kamima2018Silver
3138Takaaki Kosaka2018Silver
3139Aki Sudo2018Silver
3140Yuki Tomimitsu2018Silver
3141Hiroyuki Mitsuoka2018Silver
3142Mariko Watanabe2018Silver
3143Akiho Tanaka2018Silver
3144Bruno Scavo2018Silver
3145Priscilla Van Der Voort2018Silver
3146Irina Baeva2018Silver
3147Evgeniya Nazimova2018Silver
3148Olga Nestrueva2018Silver
3149Gregory Podrezov2018Silver
3150Karina Shchukina2018Silver
3151Olga Khomchenko2018Silver
3152Hyesung An2019Silver
3153Juyong Kim2019Silver
3154Hyeongwoo Oh2019Silver
3155Kibeom Song2019Silver
3156Hyojung Yoon2019Silver
3157Marko Šram2019Silver
3158Ketri Leis2019Silver
3159Juulia Eloranta2019Silver
3160Taneli Lehtonen2019Silver
3161Kirsi Seppänen2019Silver
3162Panagiotis Katsoudas2019Silver
3163Hiroki Ikeda2019Silver
3164Daiki Ishihara2019Silver
3165Fumikazu Shike2019Silver
3166Yoshiteru Shimizu2019Silver
3167Yosuke Suematsu2019Silver
3168Kodai Watanabe2019Silver
3169Frank Van Scheijndel2019Silver
3170Pawel Jan Rog2019Silver
3171Kajetan Zalewski2019Silver
3172Seika Hosokawa2019Silver
3174Olesya Alexandrova2019Silver
3175Natalia Denisova2019Silver
3176Svetlana Dobrynina 2019Silver
3177Egor Iksanov2019Silver
3178Denis Iurchenko2019Silver
3179Jegor Marchenko2019Silver
3180Veronika Smirnova2019Silver
3181Marina Tonkova2019Silver
3182Anika Manojlovic2019Silver
3183David Paredes 2020Silver
3184Leonor Soza de la Carrera 2020Silver
3185Nick Koon 2020Silver
3186Kyo Dong Kim 2020Silver
3187Seon Woo Kim 2020Silver
3188Kwang Yeol Lee 2020Silver
3189Seong Hoon Lee 2020Silver
3190Dávid Kincses 2020Silver
3191Tatsuya Asakura 2020Silver
3192Ryosuke Imai 2020Silver
3193Misaki Otsuka 2020Silver
3194Masakatsu Yatabe 2020Silver
3195Alexandre Averianov 2020Silver
3196Anton Khasbiyev 2020Silver
3197Shelina Sars 2020Silver
3198Maksim Khizhniakov 2020Silver
3199Valery Kiselyov 2020Silver
3200Ksenia Kovchina 2020Silver
3201Roman Ivanov 2020Silver
3202Polina Podbelskaia 2020Silver
3203Dragisa Damljanovic 2020Silver
3204Josip Oriskovic 2020Silver
3205Vongsatit Kaewnak 2020Silver
3206Watchara Leelao2020Silver
3207Stanislav Borysov 2020Silver
3208Pascal Dinda 2021Silver
3209Simon Reiter 2021Silver
3210Benjamin Zimmerling 2021Silver
3211Dries Corneillie 2021Silver
3212Keehong Kwon 2021Silver
3213Jin soo Kim 2021Silver
3214Soo Hyeon Heo 2021Silver
3215Wook Tae Han 2021Silver
3216Ryoma Okinaka 2021Silver
3217Bungo Matsunaga 2021Silver
3218Chika Omae 2021Silver
3219Natsuki Saito 2021Silver
3220Kiki Yoda 2021Silver
3221Junichi Kurisu 2021Silver
3222Cas Kratz 2021Silver
3223Rianne Ogink 2021Silver
3224Carlos Kuan-Chang Chen 2021Silver
3225Jimmy Yao- Chia Chang 2021Silver
3226Yan Biazruchka 2021Silver
3227Maryna Revkova 2021Silver
3228Pavlo Mnukhin 2021Silver
3229Héctor Gascón 2021Silver
3230Christophe Reitz2022Silver
3231Guillaume Plante2022Silver
3232Phenol Mak2022Silver
3233Leung Lap Hei Rex2022Silver
3234Tomislav Mikinac2022Silver
3235Aleksei Pogrebnoi2022Silver
3236Dmitrii Belobrovskii2022Silver
3237Roman Chsherbakov2022Silver
3238Alexandr Glyants2022Silver
3239Zoran Matic2022Silver
3240Daphne van den Hoven2022Silver
3241Jan-Jaap Altenburg2022Silver
3242Wojciech Sito2022Silver
3243Łukasz Górski2022Silver
3244Arkadiusz Kurowski2022Silver
3245Soo Hyeon Heo2022Silver
3246Biagio Castaldo2022Silver
3247Julio David Tauste Sierra2022Silver
3248Antony Adinolfi2022Silver
3249Arturo Scamardella2022Silver
3250Marcos Rapado Segurado2022Silver
3251Claudia Drastrup2022Silver
3252Youngbock Lee2022Silver
3253Liu Jia Min2022Silver
3254Daisuke Kawai2022Silver
4001Aurora Garcia2019Bronze Excellence
4002Hector Gascon2020Bronze Excellence
4101Spencer Fondaumiere2019Bronze
4102Charles Carron-Brown2019Bronze
4103Dinah Casares2020Bronze
4104Stéphane Dardenne 2021Bronze
4105Maxime Sanzot 2021Bronze
4106Gabriel Marquez Campins 2021Bronze
4107Christopher Ryan2022Bronze
4108Jean-Philippe Reid2022Bronze
4109Fabio Mondini2022Bronze
4110Eric Beau2022Bronze
4111Maria de Nazaret Rivas2022Bronze
4112Low Jin Hui Gary2022Bronze
4113Yeo Xi-Yang2022Bronze
4114Alvin Neo2022Bronze
4115Joel Lim Zhixian2022Bronze
4116Alvin Gho2022Bronze
2120Christina Andrea2023Gold
2121Caroline Beaulieu2023Gold
2122Philippe Danon2023Gold
2123Jonathan S. Ross2023Gold
2124Guillaume Plante2023Gold
2125Christian Perreault Hamel2023Gold
2126Aleksei Pogrebnoi2023Gold
2127Yoshihiro Hashimoto2023Gold
2128Akihiko Nosaka 2023Gold
2129Valentina Kirichkova2023Gold
2130Arman Seisebayev2023Gold
2131Min Joo Kim2023Gold
2132Min Jun Kim2023Gold
2133Jin Soo Kim2023Gold
2134Tae Hyun Kim2023Gold
2135Britt NG Choong Yoon 2023Gold
2136Patrick Chiu Huan-Yuan2023Gold
2137Howard Chang Tse Hao2023Gold
2138Gabriel Lucas Dimmock2023Gold
2139Markron Patana2023Gold
2140Philipp Reinstaller2023Gold
2141Julien Sarrasin2023Gold
2142Agnieszka Swiecka2023Gold
2143Martin Kleveta2023Gold
2144Melania Battiston2023Gold
2145Christopher Delalonde2023Gold
2146Noelia Calleja2023Gold
2147Vitor Silva2023Gold
2148Vincenzo Arnese2023Gold
2149Harnil Mathur2023Gold
3255DELVIS HUCK2023Silver
3256Hiroki Fujimitsu2023Silver
3257William Karl Jean Daniel2023Silver
3258Ringo Lam Yuen Yee2023Silver
3259Dayton So Yeuk Ho2023Silver
3260Nicolò Arnoldi2023Silver
3261Tábor István2023Silver
3262Toshimichi Okamura2023Silver
3263Tomoya Ide2023Silver
3264Ilya Sakharov2023Silver
3265Andrei Ermishkin2023Silver
3266Nikita Filippov2023Silver
3267Batyrbek Zhumartov2023Silver
3268Teifur Veisal2023Silver
3269Seong Kook Kim2023Silver
3270Chang Wook Kim2023Silver
3271Jung Hwan Bae2023Silver
3272Hyeon Jae Lee2023Silver
3273Justin Ho Li Vern 2023Silver
3274Jarosłav Baranowski 2023Silver
3275Mihai Ciucur 2023Silver
3276Lesley Liu Jia Yin2023Silver
3277Ángel Ruiz de Pablos2023Silver
3278Chen, Kuan-Chang2023Silver
4117Dion Wai2023Bronze
4118Dayana Y. Medina C.2023Bronze
4119Eliska N. Rivas C.2023Bronze
1220Salvatore Castano2021Gold Plus
1221Valeria Gamper2022Gold Plus
1222Mason Ng2022Gold Plus
4120Jarrett Michael BUFFINGTON2024Bronze
4121Samuel Martineau2024Bronze
4122Mate Mačukatić2024Bronze
4123Dejan Dević2024Bronze
4124Dobroslav Juraga2024Bronze
4125Demetrio Lombino2024Bronze
4126Aino Tuomikoski2024Bronze
4127Florian Lassous2024Bronze
4128Mantas Ioannis2024Bronze
4129Hanai Shunsuke2024Bronze
4130Okamura Toshimichi2024Bronze
4131Sugihara Masahiko2024Bronze
4132Ohashi Kaname2024Bronze
4133Hatano Kaori2024Bronze
4134Urasaki Takahiro2024Bronze
4135H ashimoto Ryoya2024Bronze
4136Miyazaki Mari2024Bronze
4137Sara Neyrinck2024Bronze
4138Tom Smits2024Bronze
4139Wouter Barneveld2024Bronze
4140Rens Morshuis2024Bronze
4141Indi Stoop2024Bronze
4142Niccolo Benigni2024Bronze
4143Annekee Steenbergen2024Bronze
4144Carolina Seibel2024Bronze
2155ADRIAN JIPA2024Gold
2160Diego Gonzalez Barbolla2024Gold
2162Dolly Chao2024Gold
2163Hector Gascon2024Gold
2159Hyeonbin Park2024Gold
2161Chad Hamilton2024Gold
2150Chris Ryan2024Gold
2156Jelisaveta Stanojević2024Gold
2154Kondo Minobu2024Gold
2152Mark Guillaudeu2024Gold
2151Maximilian Moigg2024Gold
2157Sungjin Ban2024Gold
2158Sungjun Park2024Gold
2153Yamamoto Maika2024Gold
3280Antoine Fournier2024Silver
3283Antonio Gregorić2024Silver
3286Bastien Debono2024Silver
3313Beatrice Bessi2024Silver
3289Eric Beau2024Silver
3316Fulvio D'Addazio2024Silver
3314Giuseppe D'Annielo2024Silver
3310Guillermo Llopis Llorca2024Silver
3287Hervé Baligand2024Silver
3284Iwona Katarzyna Hereda2024Silver
3285Jeanne Suscillon2024Silver
3281Joanie Metivier2024Silver
3311Josep MarÍa Juhé Masferrer2024Silver
3307Jung In Lee2024Silver
3291Kaneko Toshiyuki2024Silver
3301Kok Jian Wen2024Silver
3297Lars Kleverlaan2024Silver
3302Liu Jia Min Lesley2024Silver
3303Mário Márcio Lescano Júnior2024Silver
3294Martien Marcelissen2024Silver
3295Marvin Walraven2024Silver
3304Maurício Valim Ceccon2024Silver
3312Miguel Villanueva Lenes2024Silver
3300Michał Drozdowski2024Silver
3299Roman Honcharov2024Silver
3296Sanne van Uden2024Silver
3298Sem Beks2024Silver
3306Seungjoo Lee2024Silver
3305Sinyoung Kim2024Silver
3308Soohyeon Heo2024Silver
3292Suzuki Daiki2024Silver
3288Thibaut Derhé2024Silver
3282Tomislav Mikinac2024Silver
3309Toni Albiol lacasta2024Silver
3279Xiangyu JIE2024Silver
3315Yangcheng Liu2024Silver
3293Yasuoka Takaki2024Silver
3290Zervogiannis Georgios2024Silver