ASI Sommelier Guidelines & Tutorials

The ASI Sommelier Guidelines and Tutorials are two sides of the same coin. Drawing from a shared base of information, they structure their lessons either in writing (ASI Sommelier Guidelines) or as video clips (Tutorials) to ensure that no learner is left behind.

The development of these channels is the fruit of a massive, multi-year effort by ASI’s three committees : Education, Exam and Contest.

ASI Sommelier Guidelines

The ASI Sommelier Guidelines — more officially known as the “ASI Sommelier Guidelines” — are intended to introduce learners to the principles of the sommelier approach. This includes:

  • Blind Tasting
  • Cocktail Service
  • Food & Beverage Pairing
  • Precise Pouring of Sparkling Wine
  • Wine Service
  • Communication and Appearance
  • Decanting
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Identifying Beverages, with examples
  • ASI Synonyms: Taste and aroma descriptors

Crucially, and perhaps for the first time anyway, the creators spare no effort in accounting for the different cultures and customs that our ASI association embraces. As such, the guidelines are also available not just in English, but also French and Spanish as well. This approach to all aspects of service excellence sets a new bar for a global sommellerie.

The ASI is pleased to provide you, our members, the ASI Sommelier Guidelines, which we familiarily refer to as the “ASI Sommelier Guidelines”. These documents set the bar for a global sommellerie standard.

The creation of this reference work was truly a monk’s work. It was made possible by the tremendously fruitful cooperation of many of our members from all around the world. They contributed for over two years to make this a real masterpiece. This is what makes it so special, as we have taken into account all the different cultures and customs that our ASI association embraces.

This is a living document, it will be updated every year, please feel free to send your comments to our ASI Liaison Officer, Tim Vollerslev ( He will collect all comments, process them and then present them to the parties concerned. This way, we will keep our finger on the pulse so that we are always well up to date.

As you will notice there is an ASI watermark embedded into these documents.  These documents are the property of ASI and intended exclusively as a benefit for our member countries exclusively. To our presidents, feel free to share it with your members, and your educational institutional partners, but remember having access to these documents is a value for you and your educators alone. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

We, the ASI Board, would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers for their contribution and their enthusiastic efforts, which have contributed to the realization of this unique work.


The ASI Tutorials are a collection of videos covering the aspects of sommelier training that the written word cannot capture in full: service skills. From professional decanting to mastering even pours of sparkling wines, these videos deliver an up-close view on world-class talent at work. Just as importantly, learners can watch — and re-watch — until they have mastered the techniques themselves.

In the words of ASI Deputy Secretary General Julie Dupouy, who was heavily involved in the production of the tutorials: “I believe the creation of the new ASI tutorial videos is incredibly important for the Sommeliers community. Correct demonstration and explanation of these fundamental processes serve to build confidence in both budding and established Sommeliers. It is this confidence at the table side which leads to a positive and memorable experience for both guests and the sommeliers.”