ASI Certification 1

ASI Certification 1 assesses whether a prospective sommelier has mastered the core international knowledge required for this profession.

The ASI Certification 1 is suitable for any candidate looking to validate his/her competencies and obtain an international validation of his/her sommelier skills. This Certification is the first step into the ASI exam program.

The competencies covered encompass the knowledge of globally relevant international wines, the rules of food pairing, major spirits brands, wine tasting vocabulary and methodology as well as hospitality’s environment and culture.

The ASI Certification 1 exam is a written exam made of questions that includes Multiple choice questions, short answers, maps and cross references. Any candidate who achieves a pass rate of minimum 65% will be awarded a certificate. This certificate will be signed by the ASI Exam committee Director and the ASI President and will be issued by the national association with which the candidate is registered.

To register for the ASI Certification 1, all candidates must contact their national associations. All inquiries related to the ASI Certification 1 including exam dates, location, etc must be placed directly with national associations.

Currently, the ASI Certification 1 is available in French, English or Spanish. However, some countries will offer it in a domestic language so it is advised to check with nationals associations to find out what options are available.

Example: ASI Certification 1
Question: DOCG is a labelling term used for:

a. Rioja
b. Barbaresco
c. Late Harvest sweet wine
d. Yarra Valley