ASI General Assembly Embraces New Technology

15 Jul 2021

The ASI General Assembly was conducted earlier this month (July 3-4).  The event held in Mainz, Germany was conducted as a hybrid live and online meeting recognizing the continued challenges placed upon travel by the global pandemic. Thanks to a strong technical team, and the support of the German sommelier association (The Sommelier-Union Deutschland e.V.) the event was presented professionally and without interruption. Several important resolutions were approved by the membership giving the current board confidence to move forward with their plans. Of note, Best USA Sommelier Association (BUSA) was granted Observer Member status. The inclusion of a sommelier association from the US, solidifies ASI’s already strong position as the only global sommelier organization. Also announced were the rights to host the Best Sommelier of Europe & Africa Contest 2024 to Serbia, the General Assembly 2024 to Monaco and the General Assembly 2025 to South Africa.