ASI Sommelier Diploma: improved and more accessible

31 Jan 2019

ASI has made a significant change to the ASI Sommelier Diploma that will make it more accessible to sommeliers around the world. Starting this year there will be three levels to the Diploma: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Up to now, sommeliers had to take their exam in a second language, selected among the three currently offered: English, French or Spanish, the official languages of ASI. Now, it’s possible to take the exam in your first language, if it’s one of those three. Sommeliers who take the exam in their first language will obtain a Bronze-level diploma.

The criteria for bronze and silver will be the same, in terms of skills and knowledge, the only difference being the use of a first or second language. Gold level is only attainable if the exam is done in a second language. Sommeliers who have obtained a Bronze or Silver level diploma are always welcome to sit for the exam again, and to try for Silver or Gold.

Remember that the exam for ASI Sommelier Diploma will be offered worldwide on March 4th 2019. This will be the eight examination since the Diploma was established in 2012. The deadline for registration through national associations is February 15th. Since the exam is the same for all countries, sommeliers whose national associations are not yet offering it can register with any other participating ASI member association.

For more information about the International ASI Sommelier Diploma you can email Michèle Aström Chantôme at