Venezuela posts seminars on post Covid-19 recovery

16 Jul 2020

The Venezuela sommelier association (Asociación Venezolana de Sommeliers) is producing a set of webinars focused on different sectors of the country’s food and alcoholic beverages industry. All aspects of these businesses are explored, including producers, importers, distributors and sales.

The first webinar includes lectures on the coffee and cocoa industry, wine distribution and sales, rum production and Covid’s impact on hospitality and tourism. The second one gathers experts to discuss the coffee, hospitality and wine industries, with invited guest Giuseppe Vaccarini president of ASPI, Italy, and Sebastián Zuccardi, accredited winemaker from Argentina.

Through these webinars, the association seeks to raise awareness in its members of potential paths to recovery for the hospitality industry and related fields during the post-Covid 19 period.