ASI Diploma Examinations on the Horizon

29 Feb 2020

The ASI Diploma represents more than just a prestigious and concrete certification of a sommelier’s qualification and skill. It also encourages members of the ASI family to gain a uniform minimum level of knowledge, boosting the reputation of our profession.

The 9th edition of the exam will be held on March 2, 2020. It will feature one important new change to promote greater transparency and uniformity: the entire examination process will be filmed by the respective organizing associations, providing the central ASI exam committee with a clearer picture of how the exams are being conducted and the skill levels of the contestants.

Several other new elements from recent years will be continued. Last year’s exam, for example, introduced a three-tier bronze, silver and gold level to the diploma. Another positive trend: stronger national organizations open their exams to candidates from neighboring countries, which nurtures regional education hubs.

The application deadline for this year’s exam has already passed and the central committee is currently reviewing the list of candidates. To date new countries to hold the exam will include: Argentina, China, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Ukraine. Candidates can be expected to have good to outstanding knowledge of theory, blind tasting, beverages identification, service, sales and food and wine pairing. Their performances will dictate which level of diploma they earn.