ASI pivots in crisis to grade diploma results virtually

19 Jun 2020

ASI is proud to convey 52 new members to its family of certified ASI Sommeliers bringing the new total to 327. As previously reported, the ASI Diploma examinations were held on March 2, 2020 at 14 different testing sites around the world. Several nations, including Argentina, France, the Netherlands and Serbia, welcomed candidates from other countries as well. First introduced in 2012, the ASI Diploma has seen steady growth in applicants, with 74 candidates sitting for this year’s exams.

The results of the exams, originally scheduled to arrive in April, were delayed due to COVID-19, of course. Given the international nature of the ASI Diploma exam and its administrators, this should come as little surprise. With members of the Exam Committee spread all over the world (Italy, Japan, South Africa, the Netherlands, Morocco), there was no opportunity to come together as normal to grade the exams. A bit of ingenuity and extra time was instead needed to establish new systems, protocols and safeguards for the integrity of the exams. There were also the inevitable technical difficulties to master as well. Ultimately, however, the results can be delivered securely and reliably via virtual channels.

Full historical results of the exam, including all 327 ASI Diploma holders new and old, can be found on the ASI website:

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Please also see the interview with Mr. Giuseppe Vaccarini, President of Associazione della Sommellerie Professionale Italiana,  on the origins and importance of the ASI Diploma.