Chef&Sommelier: The benefits of Chef&Sommelier’s new Lys Exaltation sparkling wine glass are well known

4 Oct 2021

Chef&SommelierTM has tried it on Awa Saké during a Masterclass with journalists, and it works!

An innovative effervescence treatment on the stemglass, (patent pending), creates a very beautiful visual effect, with an important ballet of bubbles.

The convection currents generated by the bubbles allow, as observed by the Reims Institute supported by Ligier Belair on Champagne or any type of sparkling wine, to continuously stir the body of the liquid, thus picking up subtle aromas.

With Awa Saké, the result is impressive and aromas reminiscent of melon, fresh apple, pear on an aniseed background are perfectly revealed.

The brilliance and transparency of the innovative KrystaTM material emphasises the shimmering appearance of these pearly, satiny sakes.

The finesse of the rim makes the glass disappear before the sake’s smooth entry into the mouth.

The architecture of the Lys glass sends the sake to the palate, sensitive to the softness and texture of the bubble, as it is not texture of the bubbles, as there is no need to tilt the head back…

This glass, called Lys because it recalls all the beauty, all the nobility, all the power of the perfume of this sublime flower, works perfectly on sparkling sakes.

Experience it for yourself, this pairing is exhilarating!