13 May 2021

For the terroir to express itself, it must be cherished and well taken care of. This has been the Perrin family’s on-going duty. In 1950, they innovated by turning to organic farming on all of their properties, starting of course with Chateau de Beaucastel. At that time, organic farming was not fashionable, yet they committed to it with a deep conviction: to give all the strength, vigour and authenticity to the terroir, their terroir, so that in turn the terroir gives them back the best it has to offer.

Always in search of excellence and at the forefront of innovation. Today, this culture closer to the earth’s resources, wildlife, fauna and flora, bears its fruit. The grapes flourish fully and give a unique taste, revealing the essence of the aromas and the greatness of their origins. The Côtes-du-Rhône Nature’s range has been thought in this direction. This year, the Perrin Family has extended this range with a rosé and a white. Certified Ecocert, Perrin Nature is both an “organic” Côtes-du-Rhône and a great wine with notes of fresh fruit.