Love Is… Being a Sommelier Today

16 Jul 2020

There’s no better antidote for these unsettled times than a dose of positivity and good news.  This month we opened up on #ASIsomms and asked our readers to share with us what they love the most about the sommelier profession. From around the world, the resonance was just staggering. In case you missed it, here are just a few of the inspiring responses:

“Making people happy!” – Lucas Varsi, Uruguay

“Travelling anywhere without having to leave our restaurant” – Valeria Tenison, France/Russia, Best Female Sommelier of Russia 2018

“Being a wine ambassador in between the vignerons and the consumers” – Raimonds Tomsons, ASI 3rd Best Sommelier of the World 2019, Latvia

“I love working on the floor, creating and heightening the guests’ experiences, but also I enjoy the fact that sommelier is a career where you never stop learning.” Leonor Soza de la Carrera, Chile, ASI Diploma recipient

“Becoming a somm makes you discover a lot more about wine, being a somm makes you discover a lot more of yourself. Curiosity made me take the path to the wine world, I’m still enjoying the journey because every step is a discovery.” Djek Reyes, Australia

“I just love being connected by wine language with wine lovers from all over the world, I enjoy making people happy serving them amazing wines and travelling to learn more about wines in the place of its birth.” Lucie the modern sommelier, Czech Republic

“FANTASTIC WINE EMOTIONS! Love to make guests stare.” Vladislava Trinka, Russia.

“CHALLENGE, every day is a new challenge, it can’t be boring, it gives a new impetus to continue for the better and better…” Dejan Zivkoski, President of the Serbian Sommelier Association

“I’m not a sommelier, but have lived my life with a very special sommelier and thanks to that I and Romané have been privileged to be part of the wider sommellerie family for many, many years…..thus what makes being a sommelier special is exactly that, the Sommelier Family that stretches globally far and wide and provides precious support, guidance, advice and friendship to so many.” Nina Basset, UK

“Work work work
Taste taste taste
Study Study Study,” Antonio Roxo, Portugal

“I love to teach about wines and infuse the passion for the wine world to others.” Raúl Gil Obregón, Mexico

“Finding the perfect pairing for each course on a tasting menu, that sends a guest over the edge into ecstasy, and double decanting an aged bottle tableside.” Paul Aquino Jr., Canada

“What I love most about being a sommelier is the possibility of making a customer travel the whole world just sitting in front of a glass of wine.” José G. Pereira, Venezuela.

“You can always meet happy and successful people. I love having new wine friends and we can always have a glass of wine and interesting talks. I love my work more than anything I have ever worked.” Gergana Nikolova, Cyprus.

“Traveling, discovering new cultures, products, different types of cuisine and pairings and to have the opportunity to promote the products of your country abroad!” Mirko Pastorelli, Italy/Australia