Mas de la Rosa, Torres captures the Soul of Priorat

15 May 2020

Torres embodies the eternal passion for wine. On the occasion of the second vintage of Mas de la Rosa, our iconic wine from Priorat, let us all toast a wine of true passion!

‘Mas de la Rosa DOC Priorat’ is more than just a couple of hectares planted with eighty-year-old vines. It was once home to a farmhouse of that name that burned to ashes in a fit of madness by the landowner’s wife, Rosa. Her ardor and fury became the stuff of local legend, both captured in poetry to nourish the creative spirit, and a muse revealed at the bottom of each glass of this wine.

Mas de la Rosa wears its history with the stoic soul that defines Priorat. Both classic and contemporary, unknown and widely acclaimed: the sensibility, thought, and culture forged in the act of fermenting Mas de la Rosa carves out a space in our lives to celebrate and transcend.