Wine of Moldova

Wine of Moldova
A success story from Eastern Europe

Moldovan wine today brings a fresh modern face. Its new generation wines are actually rooted in a rich and complex history, giving the authenticity that so many wine drinkers are looking for today. At the same time, it can offer unique and sometimes surprising wines, especially blends of international and indigenous grape varieties, a true expression of Moldovan terroir. “Wine of Moldova” today is the very real result of this country reinventing its approach to wine – focusing on quality, consistency and ‘enjoyment-in-a-glass’ as its priorities.


The National Office for Vine and Wine (NOVW) is the main body that manages the Moldovan wine sector. It was created with government support in 2013, organized through a public-private partnership, and, ever since, it has undertaken to support increasing exports of quality wines to more and more markets around the world.
The NOVW’s scope is to develop and implement state policies in the wine sector, contribute to legal and regulatory reforms, bring its expertise and technical assistance to vine and grape growing and vinification, and embrace promotion and marketing of quality wines. The moldovan wine industry owes the NOVW the creation of the Protected Geographical Indications regions and the precious national wine and vine register.