Reintroducing Trapiche Reserve, ambassador of Trapiche

15 Dec 2021

Trapiche Reserve, our winery’s ambassador, shows how and why we make wines with both passion and a focus on quality. Born at the foot of the Andes, it becomes the ultimate expression of Trapiche’s best gifts: balance and complexity in equal measure. With an explorer’s spirit that soars higher, Trapiche Reserve has been the expression of the Andes Mountains, since 1883.

Trapiche Reserve has renewed its image with a more sophisticated proposal. Preserving the iconic landscape that gives life to these wines, the brand’s visual identity has been renovated with the aim of aligning it with the winery’s portfolio and enhancing its global integration.

From selected vineyards, cultivated as part of our continual terroir exploration, Trapiche Reserve unveils an image that incorporates the classic Mendoza landscape as well as our iconic winery, emphasizing the origin and spirit of this line.

Sergio Casé, Chief Winemaker

“My passion is to transform the grape into wine, and this leads me to explore new terroirs constantly. Wine is family, friends, and new experiences”.