Serge Dubs – Best Sommelier in the World 1989

28 Feb 2019

At first, I was impressed when I had the chance to meet Gérard–not only Gérard, actually, as I met the team and couple that Nina and Gérard were, on the way to an international sommelier competition.

One day, Gérard asked me to come spend a few days at Auberge de l’Ill, to learn more about being a sommelier. He was always the first sommelier to ask the right questions, and I knew that I had a great person and a winner in front of me. He was a man of intelligence, tenacity and passion.

He was also a big fan of Football and our discussions about it were heated, friendly, and very exciting. Sommellerie and the wine world were his life, along with Nina and Romané. He will always be an example, for all sommeliers and for me personally.