Torres Hailed as Social Visionaries

26 Mar 2020

The Familia Torres and the Jackson Family were proud to receive the 2019 Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Award for Social Visionary of the Year” for their work with the “International Wineries for Climate Action.” The wineries co-founded the IWCA in 2019, reflecting their multigenerational vision rooted in environmental stewardship and responsible business practices. Through the organization they seek to share best practices that mitigate climate impacts in vineyard and winery operations and promote collective decarbonization of the global wine industry today.

Each member within IWCA takes responsibility to hold themselves and each other accountable to build a cleaner, more resilient wine community for future generations. The organization is targeting an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) of 80% by 2045, with a shorter-term target of 50% by 2030.

This event, which was the 20th edition, was organized by the prestigious Wine Enthusiast publication. Cristina and Miguel Torres attended the gala dinner, held in San Francisco, and received the award along with Katie Jackson from Jackson Family Wines.