19 Jun 2020

SÜBR: A New Category of Micro-Natural Closures

SÜBR is the world’s first glue-free and taint-free micro-natural closure. It offers a consistent, low oxygen ingress which is ideally suited for maintaining freshness and ensuring optimal cellar aging performance. Its state-of-the-art technology positions it as the first glue-free natural closure to ensure utmost respect for the environment.

SÜBR provides the design of a high-end single-piece natural cork, resulting in a closure which will enhance the premium experience of opening a bottle of wine. It is available with 2 different cork features print ( SÜBR F7 and SÜBR M5). The SÜBR closure has a truly innovative binder instead of commonly used polyurethane glue. This binder is recyclable, biodegradable and is now made of 40% bio-sourced materials.