Vinventions launching new Nomacorc Blue Line

11 Mar 2021

Vinventions is fully vested in sustainability. The zero carbon footprint Nomacorc Green Line range sells more than 1 billion units annually, helping reduce wine waste through taint-free, engineered & sustainable closure solutions for the wine industry.

2021 marks the introduction of the next step: Nomacorc Blue Line. Blue Line is the world’s first wine closure to use recycled post-consumer mixed plastic packaging as a raw material and will be especially appealing for customers who are engaged in the circular economy.

Likewise, SÜBR production capacity is being ramped up to keep pace with the increasing demand from premium wineries looking for more sustainable wine corks. SÜBR is the world’s first recyclable, polyurethane-free and cork-taint free micro-natural closure. SÜBR is the result of our redesigning of micro-agglomerated corks by replacing polyurethane glue from the closure by a biodegradable binder.

For these and many more innovations projects that take renew, reduce & recycle as sustainability guidelines, please visit the website for an in-depth explanation.