13 May 2021

In the first quarter of 2021 Fine Wine Club focused on optimizing Wineally’s algorithm, tweaking it to perfection. Otherwise, there have been several meetings and discussions with ASI presidents to ensure that Wineally is an ideal system to work with, both for sommeliers inside restaurants or as ambassadors handling wine purchasing and controlling restaurant wine cellars.

The feedback we get shows that an increasing number of sommeliers understand the impact Wineally can have on their professional lives and the restaurant business. Wineally is a groundbreaking solution for restaurants, creating additional sales and hours saved by sommeliers.

The first phase of the global launch has focused on getting as many wine producers as possible registered in the system. In mid-April we had 1,350 producers, with the numbers increasing daily. Wine producers are invited to register and verify their wines so Wineally can present the wines in the most favourable way.

We look forward to consulting with more sommeliers and getting input via digital meetings. Together we can take one step at a time – changing the entire wine industry towards digitized processes. 2021 is full of opportunities and earnings for everyone within the Wineally eco-system.