Winemaking Innovation from Famille Perrin

15 May 2020

The Perrin Family is renowned for its innovative approach to winemaking. It pioneered organic viticulture as early as 1950 and biodynamic techniques were introduced at Château de Beaucastel in 1974. To produce a wine of character, the grapes must reveal the complexities of their aromas. The Perrin family has therefore always tried to position the vines in their own unique environment, in an equilibrium with the soil, the animals and the stars that influence them. This understanding of the ecosystem has only helped increase the value of the treasure situated in the appellation’s north, where the cool climate, Mistral exposure and terroir rich in limestone, clay and sand all play a role. The daily work carried out on every plot that the Perrin family own consists of stimulating the physiology of the plant and its natural resistance. This unique ecosystem provides the family’s wines with an unequalled combination of power, flesh, elegance and freshness.