Wines of Portugal launches online wine academy

16 Jul 2020

In response to growing interest in Portuguese wines during the current pandemic, Wines of Portugal has created a “Wines of Portugal Online Education Course.” Aimed at restaurant and retail professionals as well as consumers looking to deepen their technical knowledge about wines, this free online academy was launched on July 1.

Available on the Wines of Portugal website, this course serves anyone interested in learning more about the diversity of the 14 Portuguese wine regions. Its educational modules cover various topics from history, wine regions, grape varieties, fortified and sparkling wines to food and wine pairing and comparison of Portuguese grape varieties with foreign grape varieties.

Frederico Falcão, Chairman of ViniPortugal, is proud of the challenging new material: “This online academy is a contribution of Wines of Portugal to maintain and stimulate training and education on Wines of Portugal, benefiting from the added value of online platforms.”