A Welcome from the TEAM!

19 Dec 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues around the World,

2020 has pushed us all to rethink, reconsider, and react.

And through it all, sommeliers everywhere have risen to the challenge. We have lent a helping hand to those in need and pushed ourselves to achieve greater mastery of our craft through study.

ASI itself has also done more than just weather the storm. We’ve supported our member organizations, elected a new board and turned our focus toward fresh faces and new ideas.

Some of the changes in store will be highly visible immediately, such as the new Diversity Committee to be helmed by Heleen Boom of the Netherlands. Others are focused much more to the long term, such as the long, strategic re-orientation away from being identified primarily for its contests into an association that offers educational and accreditation opportunities for its members. But all are part of our new TEAM (“Together Everyone Achieves More”) ethic that promises to change the face of our industry.

Let us raise a glass to the beginning of the end of a dark chapter in world history and toast to what will hopefully be better times ahead.

And with that, the ASI Board wishes each and every one of you peace, patience and plenty of good cheer in 2021 and for many vintages to come!