Andreas Matthidis leads Greek Sommelier Association

22 Aug 2020

The Board of Directors of the Greek Sommelier Association met on 24 July 2020 to clarify the various roles of its members. The Board, in this meeting accepted the resignation of George Loukas, Second Vice President of the Greek Sommeliers Association. It was the first regular meeting by the Board involving new member Angelos Antoniou.

Andreas Matthidis, a Wine, Spirits & Coffee Education and Development Consultant with WS Karoulias SA, is still president of the association. His lead vice president will be Sklavenitis Aristotelis-Iosif, head sommelier and co-owner of Oinoscent Wine Food Cellar, with support from Second Vice President Hanialidis Eleftherios, head sommelier Cava of the Vegera chain. The positions of General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary and Treasurer were also filled.

With the Board now in place and their candidate already approved for the BSEA contest in Cyprus, Greece is well positioned to tend to the needs of its members as they look toward the time beyond the Corona crisis.