ASI Sommelier Diploma

19 Sep 2018

The International ASI Sommelier Diploma was created in 2012 to provide a common, recognized knowledge base for sommeliers around the world. No matter where sommeliers are from, having an ASI Diploma provides recognition of their high level of skill and knowledge.

In 2018, 11 ASI member countries took part in the program, with the national associations organizing diploma exams. The exam is the same for all sommeliers in the world and takes place on the same day in all countries.

Due to the complexity and demanding requirements of the ASI exam, two levels of ASI diplomas have been introduced. Depending on their level of achievement in the theory and practical tests, sommeliers can receive a Gold or Silver ASI Sommelier Diploma.

Since the exam is the same for all countries, sommeliers whose national associations are not yet participating can go to any other participating ASI member association. This has allowed sommeliers from 16 different nationalities to pass the exam in the 11 currently participating countries.

The recognition of the ASI diploma has been growing every year, and it is becoming more and more recognized as a guarantee of high-level sommelier skills, as shown by the increasing number of participating countries and sommeliers. From 6 countries and 18 graduating sommeliers in 2012, the 2018 exams were held by 11 countries, with 23 Gold ASI Diplomas and 34 Silver Diplomas awarded – a total number of diplomas that has more than tripled since the first year.

The exams in 2020 for the International A.S.I. Sommelier Diploma are scheduled for March 2nd, 2020. We are hoping for record participation from national associations and sommeliers.

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