Château Laguiole Melchior Collection: a fine addition to any sommelier’s toolbox

14 Apr 2021


In a recent ASI poll, ASI asked 10 top somms from around the world what tool they rely on most. The answer was universal: the corkscrew. Château Laguiole, the world’s benchmark for professional corkscrews, is launching a new product line worthy of today’s sommelier: The Melchior collection. With a modern touch, a beveled handle, the Melchior announces its presence clearly and ensures an excellent grip of the sommelier knife.

MELCHIOR refers to the largest bottle of wine: 18 liters, the equivalent of twenty-four 750 ml bottles. The name is of Biblical origin: Melchior was considered the King of the Persians, one of the 3 Magi and a symbol of wisdom.