Chef&Sommelier launching new glass especially for sparkling wines

19 Jan 2021

Chef&Sommelier™, a leading innovator in original collections for wine and coffee tasting, has partnered with Champagne experts and sommeliers to re-envision the ideal sparkling wine glass. Completely original and infinitely appealing to the senses, the Exaltation collection creates a spectacular explosion of bubbles that unfolds like a flower.

Exaltation harnesses recent advances in scientific knowledge about the effervescence of wines,  to unlock true flavours and aromas like never before. The emphasis on magical experience actually comes through technical innovations, with every aspect of the Chef&SommelierTM glass considered in detail, from shape and dimensions of the glass, volume of the aroma chamber and contact surface to effervescence treatment and height for the liquid in the bowl.

As a result, the bubbles thus remain fine and even, the bouquet opens up intricately and the bubbles swirl around the entire volume of the bowl. Ambrosia for palate, nose and eye, as ASI sommeliers first discovered in Master Classes at the ASI’s 50th anniversary celebration in Reims in 2019.