Famille Perrin Expands Estate with Sustainability in Mind

19 Dec 2020

Famille Perrin, proprietors of Château de Beaucastel and early adopters of biodynamic agriculture, have long nurtured a close relationship with the earth. It should come as no surprise that sustainability was a core requirement for an architectural competition they organized with the start-up Because Architecture Matters (BAM) for the extension and complete renovation of the Domaine. The challenge: to integrate an innovative wine cellar into this natural environment whilst barely disturbing anything, respecting the “terroir” and the history.

300 teams representing 32 nationalities submitted their proposals. After a careful selection process, Studio Mumbai won with unanimous approval for its innovative and forward-looking approach that employs sustainable construction processes inspired by ancestral know-how.

The principal buildings will be preserved, with the new cellars designed as extensions constructed using excavated earth, local clay and local aggregates. This is a “frugal” architecture project with its system of air conditioning, rainwater recovery and the choice of a natural source of energy (a cogeneration unit powered by biofuel made from agricultural waste).

With traditional methods whose source of innovation is rooted in ever greater respect for nature, this architectural approach embraces the fundamental values of Famille Perrin.