Chef&Sommelier’s KRYSTA™ sets the bar for crystal stemware

14 Apr 2021


It is no coincidence that Chef&Sommelier has been an ASI partner for more than 10 years!  The sommelier profession is a job for enthusiasts, the type of people willing to call wine the love of their lives. The sommelier’s role, of course, is service: opening, decanting, serving, and ultimately explaining the wine. And the quality of the wine tasting experience that the sommelier can offer to his guests depends strongly on the quality of the glasses in use.

Chef&Sommelier has long offered a wide range of glasses, from timeless to ultra-modern, to ensure sommeliers have the right tools to fit their wine pairings. Yet design is not everything. Because glasses in many restaurants will be used intensively, they must also be exceptionally durable.

Harnessing the Arc Group’s nearly 200 years of glassmaking know-how, Chef&Sommelier is constantly innovating in technique. Two years ago, this led to the launch of a new material, one of the most resistant crystal glass on the market: the KRYSTA™. Screened by the independent laboratory LNE (Laboratoire National d’Essais) with a panel of 5 other crystal glass materials, KRYSTA™ was recognized to be the most resistant crystal glass material to chipping and handling in professional dishwashers.