Croatia Sommelier Club Offers Training for All Levels

18 Oct 2020

With travel uncertain right now, it may be more difficult than usual to get to Croatia’s beautiful vineyards. The Croatian Sommelier Club has posted a series of online educational videos to bring the vineyards to you instead. Each video features top Croatian sommeliers and members of the association talking about the indigenous grape varieties from Croatia and the different wines made using those grape varieties.

The Sommelier Club is also currently running 1st and 2nd level sommelier education at various spots around the country. At present, these courses are being conducted in person, but plans have already been made to accommodate for remote learning as the situation demands.

Finally, the Club has also hosted numerous in-person masterclasses to keep even its most experienced members fresh and sharp in their knowledge. In a reflection of the times, these too were organized with a reduced number of participants and social distancing measures in place.