Familia Torres, looking forward

14 Apr 2021

Today Miguel and Mireia are continuing the work of four generations of a family dedicated to quality wines and brandies while adapting to new challenges like climatic change.

Miguel embodies a forward-looking legacy. Under his leadership, the family’s wines have come to represent the finest appellations of origin in Spain, in addition, the winery is firmly committed to organic viticulture.

The latest family acquisitions demonstrate the desire to create terroir wines, which express the land where they come from.

  • Purgatori winery was rebuilt in 2018 as a tribute to the estate’s history, which housed monks from the Montserrat abbey in the 18th century, which now brings us the eponymous wine, from DO Costers del Segre.
  • Mas de la Rosa vineyard in Priorat, is a tiny vineyard of 1.9 hectares of 80-year-old, traditional free-standing vines planted on hillsides laying at 500 m above sea level, which produces our single estate wine of the same name.

Mireia is leading the RDI projects: Research Development and Investigation. Which includes on-going studies into non-invasive methods in the vineyard, measures to adapt to climate change, as well as natural treatments to combat new pests and potential threats to the vine.

Furthermore, the winery places an emphasis on a circular economy and biodiversity in the work it does.

Brother & sister are enthusiastically advancing the project to recover ancestral varieties. Initiated by Miguel A. Torres, it represents the cornerstone of a new approach to life and wine that acknowledges the new climate reality. Thus, the family has recovered various indigenous grape varieties, from which they have started producing wines. In particular an extremely mineral white, FORCADA, of which Fiona Morrison MW said it was her best wine discovery for 2020.