Grahams: Innovation is part of the package

22 Aug 2020

Long known for its top quality wines and pioneering work in the vineyards and cellar, the company has spent the past decade exploring more striking presentations of its ports as well. In 2012, for example, Graham’s Aged Tawny range was refreshed to feature clear glass and a contemporary bottle, as well as a large 4.5L format.

More recently, Graham’s launched Blend No.5, the first ever premium White Port blended specifically for mixing. Blend No.5 has captured attention due to its fresh design, winning ‘Best Design and Packaging in Wine’ category from The Drinks Business in 2019.

Not only does this show the versatility of port but it also suits the trend as consumers become more health conscious and turn towards lower alcohol drinks. As White Port has half the ABV of most spirits, the Port & Tonic has become a hugely popular serve — all part of Graham’s work to push the boundaries of the port category.