Chef & Sommelier Perfectly Balances Consumer Demands with Profitability

16 Sep 2020

Wine by the glass is ideal for pairing food and wine, exploring new varieties and addressing the sensibilities of consumers conscious of their alcohol consumption. Professionals can sell their wine at higher prices and better manage the quantities served: a win-win combination!

CHEF & SOMMELIER has a new tool for this growth market: the VIN AU VERRE, a wine glass collection dedicated to by-the-glass pours. Gauge lines have been incorporated aesthetically into each stemmed glass, guaranteeing ease of service for professionals. 5 different stemmed glasses, each with a 12.5 cl gauge, add an air of the sublime to gourmet tastings and make food and wine pairings a truly unique experience. The product range also features custom-gauged stemware to accommodate for the specific serving regulations of different countries.

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