GRAHAMS – School of Port: An educational initiative for wine professionals and wine lovers

11 Mar 2021

Developed by Symington Family Estates, School of Port is a digital platform that provides education and training for wine professionals and wine lovers to learn more about port and the Douro region. The first training module – The Essentials – was launched in July 2020 and consists of a bespoke workshop delivered by a professional port educator for people working in distributors, retailers, and bars/restaurants. Over 700 wine professionals from around the world have taken the online workshop since then.

To meet the demand and make its training more accessible, School of Port is developing an online video course for The Essentials module, which people can take in their own time. The video course will soon be available on the School of Port website. In the meantime, requests for the workshop can be made via

Alongside its training courses, School of Port runs an active Instagram account, providing an informal, behind-the-scenes look at various aspects of how port is made and consumed. Short videos and infographics are published alongside regular Instagram Lives with special guests and port wine experts.