Jung Min Ahn, best Sommelier of Korea 2018

28 Dec 2018

Wine, a world of infinite learning

Jungmin Ahn is 32 years old, and works at SPC Food Company in Seoul. He has been in the wine business for 12 years. He received his wine education in Bordeaux, and has been in continuous education ever since. In 2017, he passed the exam for the ASI International Sommelier Diploma, adding to his long list of wine/sommelier diplomas.

Q: How do you think becoming the Best sommelier of Korea 2018 will impact your professional career?

Even though I’ve won the title of Best Sommelier of Korea, I will not stop in my efforts to learn and practice my profession, as a sommelier. My ambition is to see my profession fully recognized in my country, South Korea. The world of wine never stops impressing with new vineyards and new wines. Far from being intimidated, I’m even more motivated to spend my whole life pursuing my passion for this beverage like no other.

Q: What is the state of the sommelier profession in your country?

In South Korea, the sommelier profession is not yet universally recognized, and it doesn’t benefit from an official recognition – nor is it recognized by the general public. I would want to take the lead in making the sommelier’s work more universally known.

Q: What are your expectations about representing Korea in Belgium, next March?

The first thing I want to do is simply to take up the challenge of this world contest for the first time. And I want to learn new things and know more about the vineyards of the world, to create even better experiences as a sommelier. In the future, I want to be one of the best sommeliers, and never, ever stop learning about wine.