New image of ASI

7 May 2018

As promised before the elections in Bordeaux, and after a few months of hard work by both the ASI P.R., Communications and Marketing Committee and the ASI Board, we are finally pleased to present the final ASI logo, approved by its members.  Voting for a new logo was done by email.  48 out of 56 ASI members responded, resulting in 96% of voters expressing a firm and honest ‘Yes’ and validation of the new design.

The new ASI logo will be officially presented during next GA in Georgia, and we wanted to use it in the upcoming APAS contest in Montreal during May 2018.

We wanted ASI’s image to be characterized by an elegant, sober, prestigious, smart style and, to be timeless with a classic look. ASI’s identity had to be an ‘umbrella’ for many other brands (national associations, etc.), it had to encompass them. It was therefore decided to avoid the looks of a commercial brand, and to look, instead, for a ‘seal of quality’.

With inspiration from Caravaggio’s Bacchus crown, made with vine leaves, this new identity for ASI also has the shape of a circle, which is a shape that has been relevant since the beginning of time. Whether it was in religion’s use of the compass as a symbol of creation, in Leonardo’s divine proportions, in Plato’s perfect form, in Japan’s tradition of ensō hand-drawn circles symbolizing enlightenment and elegance, in astronomy and nature, and even in food and wine, the circle is omnipresent. There is something intrinsically “divine” and universal to be found in a circle that perfectly symbolizes the very nature of ASI.

The new logo and its shape are also perfect for application in medals, plates, pins, and even social media profile pictures – so it perfectly suits our needs!