Ningxia: ASI’s Host and Partner in China

7 Mar 2019

ASI is very proud to announce a new, two-year partnership with Ningxia’s Helan Mountain Eastern Slope wine region in China, one of China’s fastest growing and best-established high quality wine producing regions, which will be host to the 2020 ASI Annual Meeting. “We are impressed with the enthusiastic welcome and the significant support that the government of Ningxia are offering us in preparation for the 2020 annual gathering of ASI, which will provide ASI member association presidents and many other sommeliers from around the world a remarkable opportunity to discover the evolution of wine in China. We are also pleased that Ningxia is looking at a long-term partnership that they are hoping to extend beyond the 2020 General Assembly,” explained ASI president Andrés Rosberg, who travelled to Ningxia in January to sign the agreement with Mr Cao Kailong, director of the Ningxia Grape Industry Development Bureau, and launch this major association. The new partnership also coincides with the creation of the Ningxia Sommelier Association, which will help promote the profession in the region. “There is tremendous potential for growth in the sommelier profession in China, which has already progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years, and we look forward to working even more actively in fostering sommellerie in the region through this new partnership.”