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18 Oct 2020

What wind blows more than 120 days a year on the vineyard of Château de Beaucastel? (answer at bottom of article)

  1. – Mistral
  2. – Autan wind
  3. – Tramontana
  4. – Sirocco

With four weeks already completed at the time of writing, the ASI Partner Quiz is quickly developing into a somm favorite. A fun and brain-tickling way for sommeliers around the world to show off their knowledge. Ten multiple choice questions are posted online early in the week, leaving participants plenty of time to participate, regardless of their work schedule. Three winners in total, each selected from a different region of the globe.

Yet the quiz also serves an important function: building familiarity between sommeliers the world over and the generous partners who provide essential support to ASI. Caroline Leblanc, ASI Program Manager – Communications, notes: “It’s more important today than ever before for sommeliers to continue to educate themselves through interaction with other somms and important brands around the world. This quiz provides an entertaining way to keep those channels open, while expanding their personal and educational horizons.”

It’s a win-win for all sides, especially each week’s victors, who get to enjoy fantastic prizes. Week 3, for example, saw one case each of 2017 Château de Beaucastel rouge from the week’s feature partner, Famille Perrin – Beaucastel, awarded to: Andrea Martinisi, member of New Zealand Sommeliers and Wine Professionals (Asia/Ocenia); Signe Jensen, member of Norsk Vinkelnerforening (Europe/Africa); and Miguel Maldonado, member of Asociación de Sommeliers Mexicanos A.C. (Americas).

With participation numbers growing week by week, the quiz has been an unqualified success. Liora Levi, ASI Head of Media and Communication: “Seeing the feedback through participation in the quiz by sommeliers from all corners of the world increasing with every passing week is a great satisfaction. It shows us that communicating information from our partners through an educational format (with wonderful prizes naturally) on our SoMe platforms is a great way to reach our somms and give them the opportunity to learn more about the wine world.”

The quiz is available in English, French and Spanish to encourage participation all around the world. Presidents of the member associations and their social media managers are encouraged to share the quiz on the social media, both to raise awareness… and improve their members’ chances of winning!

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Answer: 1. Mistral