Three Innovations in Argentine Wine from Wines of Argentina

16 Jul 2020

Research into altitude, geographic indications to consolidate a sense of identity and sustainable management of water resources are leading the innovations in Argentine wine today.

You can’t talk about Argentine wine without mentioning the effect of altitude. Almost half of the wine made in the country comes from vineyards planted above 1.000 meters in elevation. But it’s important to understand its effects. And that is where research resources are being concentrated.

Another line of winemaking research is the breaking down of terroirs currently defined by political borders into smaller parcels defined by factors relevant to the production of wine. It will allow producers to use the knowledge they have today to make better wine.

Key to all of this is savvy management of water. While many wineries are making an effort to reduce their water consumption, others are improving their irrigation systems as much as possible. More details here: