Vinventions continued focus on sustainability

22 Aug 2020

At Vinventions, our mission is protecting the environment every day. We do this through innovative and sustainable closure solutions for wineries around the world who, like us, care about the future of our planet.

While our commercial purpose is protecting wine from faults and outside influences that cause unwanted defects (like cork taint, oxidation and reduction), that is only half the story. Even as we ensure the wines arrive as their winemakers intended, we can also help protect our world. For example, the Nomacorc Green Line’s patented formulation includes sugarcane plant-based polymers, a 100% renewable raw material source, which helps absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and reduce carbon emissions, in turn helping to combat climate change.

Vinventions’ focus on sustainability guides the decisions we make and the opportunities we choose to pursue. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable world in our offices and facilities through education and programs designed to reduce carbon footprint, waste and to recycle more. Our end goal: achieving carbon neutrality on a company-wide basis.