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  • S.Pellegrino Stands Side by Side with Gastronomy

    For over 120 years, S.Pellegrino has inspired people to savor life. Its unique Italian flavor famously enhances tasteful moments and promotes fine dining culture all over the world. It is a global success story achieved with the crucial contribution of the gastronomy community, which today is suffering bitterly under the pandemic. In these challenging times,…

  • Vinventions

    SÜBR: A New Category of Micro-Natural Closures SÜBR is the world’s first glue-free and taint-free micro-natural closure. It offers a consistent, low oxygen ingress which is ideally suited for maintaining freshness and ensuring optimal cellar aging performance. Its state-of-the-art technology positions it as the first glue-free natural closure to ensure utmost respect for the environment.…

  • Recap Best Sommelier of the World 2019

    A wonderful week was spent in Antwerp where 66 candidates from 63 countries took part in the Best Sommelier of the World contest 2019.

  • Live-Stream

    Here you can see the recording of the live streaming of the final of The Best Sommelier of the World contest. If you want to see the stream directly on YouTube, please follow this link:    

  • Best Sommelier of the World 2019

    The entire finals of the Best Sommelier of the World contest 2019, Antwerp, Belgium This video is the recording of the live stream. The show itself begins at minute 23.  

  • Final of Balkan Sommelier Challenge 2018

    Announcement of the finalists and final of the first Balkan Sommelier Challenge taking place in Belgrade, Serbia. Organised by SERSA – Serbian Sommelier Association

  • Livestream of ASI Competition Best Sommelier of Asia & Oceania

    We offer a livestream of the finals of ASI Competition Best Sommelier of Asia & Oceania. You can also follow our social media channels to get more insights. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The hastags we are using are #asiasiaoceania2018, #asibestsomm, #asisomms The stream will start on Thursday, October 18th 2018 at 14.30 h (Japanese time…

  • 49th ASI General Assembly, Georgia 2018

    Recap of the 49th ASI General Assembly in Georgia